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The program 2016

We offer from 1-3 hours rides with a guide around the neighborhood.


We also offer weekend tours that starts on Friday and finish on Monday.

Our guests arrive at the horse farm in afternoon on Friday, we ride on Saturday and Sunday with a guide and they go
back on Monday morning.

Those weekend trips are perfect for people that don’t have much experience with horses or horse riding

Included in weekend trips: accommodation for 3 nights, all food, horses, horse equipment, helmets, raincoats
and guide.
Transportation from Reykjavík and back when the tour is over.


5 days ride around Hekla area

Day 1

June 25 th.  Ás to Galtalækur. After a good breakfast we drive to the farm; Hrólfstaðahellir were the tour

starts. The ride takes us up Landssveit along the river Rangá. We stop at the old and famous Landréttir

which is a sheep-fold that farmers in the county of Land and Holt used in the 17th century until late in

the 20th century. The trek this first day takes about 6 hours and is very scenic and the trails are great.

We end at the farm guesthouse Galtalækur were we stay overnight.

Day 2.

June 26 th . Galtalækur to Áfangagil. This trek takes us close to mountain Hekla. It is a nice and easy

day we use to take a look at some beautiful places. We end at the mountain cabin at Afangagil.

Day 3.

June 27 th. Áfangagil to Þóristungur. From Áfangagili we ride north towards mountain Valafell as we

enter the kingdom of volcano Hekla. The land is black from the lave dust and sand from the volcano.

We arrive at Þóristungur around midday. There we can take a shower and relax to get our energy

going again. The ride takes about 5 hours.

Day 4.

June 28 th . Þóristungur to Hólaskógur. The trek takes us from Þóristungur down by the east bank of the

river Tungnaá. We stop and rest at Hald, which is the old ferry crossing over the river. We keep riding

south and cross the river Þjórsá at the power plant Sultártangi and head to Hólaskjól were we stay in a

mountain cabin over night. This is about a 6 hour ride and the trek is smooth and easy.

Day 5.

June 29 Th. . Hólaskógur to Klettur. From Hólaskógi the trail takes us west Þjórsárdal. We stop and rest

at the old Viking farm; Stöng, which was deserted after a volcano eruption in the 12 th century. The

ruins have been dogged up and preserved. We take a short detour to take a look at the waterfall;

Háifoss, which is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland. We stay inmountain cabin at Kletti over the

night. This is around a 4 hour ride and is extremely beautiful.

Included in the tour is following: Picking up in BSI Reykjavík.riding horses,saddlery,safety helmets,

raincoats, meals and sleeping accommodation.

We are open all days from 1st. May to 1st. October

You can make your reservations with Hippo tours.